St. Francis Flock

I will remember my covenant which is between me and you and every living creature of all flesh. — Genesis 9:15

St. Francis Flock is an animal welfare ministry, formed within the existing structure of the Episcopal Church, that seeks to honor God by being good stewards of God’s creatures.

St. Francis Flock focuses on three main areas:

  • Parish Ministry and Fellowship includes pastoral visits, prayers, and support for the bereaved and their pets; Blessing of the Animals and an Annual Pet Memorial Service; emergency aid in the form of vet transport assistance for seniors/disabled and pet food supply; and hospitality by including vegetarian options at parish functions.
  • Education and Communication includes organizing Adult Forums to promote awareness about animal welfare issues within the congregation, serving as a liaison to coordinate with and support existing animal welfare eff orts within the church, and providing information to the congregation via The Angelus and/or weekly bulletins.
  • Community Outreach activities include working with Chompers, a pet food bank which provides pet food for people who would otherwise have to give up their pets; collecting and delivering provisions, such as blankets, towels and toys, for local non-profit animal welfare organizations; field trips to animal welfare organizations including animal sanctuaries; and working with the Environmental Stewardship committee to support wildlife by clean-ups and enhancements.

All who feel called to expand their circle of compassion, please join us!

Christ Episcopal Church is an animal friendly congregation. In addition to supporting St. Francis Flock, we serve plant-based options at church sponsored meals, hold an annual Blessing of the Animals on or around the Feast of St. Francis day (Oct. 4), provide pet illness and bereavement support counseling to parishioners, and engage in other animal welfare practices. To learn more about animal friendly congregations, please visit the Episcopal Network for Animal Welfare (ENAW).

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