Christ Episcopal School

“Inspiring Minds to Learn, Hearts to Love, Hands to Serve.”

Christ Episcopal School (CES) offers children a unique educational experience. Our program combines the challenge of a rigorous academic curriculum with the support and teachings of a caring, Christian community. Our goal is to foster the development of the whole child: mind, body and spirit.

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CES’s program focuses on helping each student develop a solid academic foundation, and grow in body and spirit. Class sizes are small, which allows students to receive individual attention, meet the challenge of high academic standards and build self-confidence in an environment where excellence is the norm. At CES, we are committed to honoring the uniqueness in every child, providing an outstanding academic program, encouraging children to develop healthy, strong bodies and nourishing their spirits.

At CES we are also committed to cultivating a diverse community that embraces a spirit of inclusiveness. We welcome and respect students and families of all faith backgrounds, while maintaining an intentionally Episcopalian identity. In an era when dialogue about moral and spiritual values are avoided in most schools, our dedicated teachers and staff step beyond academics to nurture the development of the students’ moral foundation, sense of integrity, and awareness of their spiritual nature.

Our students participate in a variety of service projects. In addition, the school-wide Honor Code and chapel program support the community’s expectation for high standards of conduct.

Welcomed, safe, and comfortable in this structured and caring environment, CES students have the freedom to grow, not only intellectually, but physically, personally and spiritually. Our students flourish in both their studies and in their relationships with others.

  • Preschool 2’s – Grade 8
  • Small class sizes enabling each student to reach his/her individual potential
  • Advanced academics through the LIFT curriculum delivery model, developed in conjunction with Johns Hopkins Center for Technology in Education and exclusive to CES
  • Daily PE & Chapel providing added focus on our students’ physical, spiritual, and character development.
  • Acceptance of our graduates into top area high schools.

CES has recently revised its bylaws to reflect its diversity and to be more in keeping with its role as a ministry of Christ Episcopal Church

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