Ministry Minutes

Meet the people of Christ Church and hear why they have made this community their church home.

Julie Lynch

Pastoral Care

Julie has attended Christ Church since 1970, and she still appreciates the many ways this church supports its parishioners, including the Pastoral Care ministry which she leads.

"I continue to see the light in Christ Church. It's gone through so many changes, but I still find it a very calming presence to be here, and a foundation, stability, and sense of comfort to me."

Jamie & Victoria

Young Family, Fellowship Angel

Jamie discusses how her family has found a home at Christ Church, where her daughter Victoria was baptized and is now growing up in the church.

"We've always appreciated for all these years the welcoming environment and the community. That's what brought us here, and that's what keeps us here."

Anson Purdy

Newcomer, CES School Board Member

Anson discusses his experience with other churches and why he has made Christ Church his parish home.

"I have no doubt that if someone came in need, this church would be there for them."

Matthew Salter

Junior Warden, Choir Member

Matthew and his family joined our community in 2018 after moving to the U.S. from Japan. Originally from the U.K., he has lived in five countries, and his wife Yuka is from Japan. Matthew discusses his appreciation for the inclusivity he has found at Christ Church.

"I have just experienced tremendous kindness and tremendous love from my colleagues and friends [here at Christ Church] … If you come here, no matter what the color of your skin is, no matter whether you are gay or straight, whether you are young, old ... or what your background is, you will find a welcome here."

Emily Correll

Vestry Member and Outreach Ministry participant

After an inauspicious start, Emily and her family made CEC their church home. Now at Christ Church for 17 years and counting, Emily discusses her work with Outreach and the English Conversation Classes.

"This is my church home. I'm not leaving. I love it here; the people here are good people ... So let us stay here at home and invite others into our home as well."