Stewardship 360

Stewardship is the practice of serving God and giving thanks for the blessings we receive through the act of giving one’s time, talent, and treasure.

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2024 Stewardship

Stewardship Committee

The Stewardship Committee is primarily responsible for conducting the annual pledge drive and promoting opportunities to volunteer and participate in the life of the church.

The Stewardship Committee works closely with the Budget Committee and the Vestry to receive and communicate the goals of the Annual Stewardship Pledge Campaign and to help articulate the importance and need to provide the resources necessary to keep our faith community strong and vibrant.

The act of pledging is important as it allows the Budget Committee to more accurately plan the budgets set aside for staffing, programs and upkeep of the church.

We meet several times a year, primarily before and during the fall stewardship campaign. Activities include:

  • Planning and participating in a skit performed at the Sunday “kick off” for the annual pledge drive
  • Monitoring and reporting on pledge results

The Stewardship Committee is always looking for closet thespians and those with a good sense of humor and desire to support this important ministry.

Endowment Fund Board

Christ Church, Rockville, has a small, but significant endowment funded through the generosity of the parish and friends of Christ Church as well as a bequest of the late Katherine Thomas. In September 2000, The  Endowment Fund of Christ Church, Prince Georges Parish (the Fund) was established by consolidating previous individual funds. The corpus of the Fund is currently exclusively invested in the Episcopal Diocese of Washington Investment Fund, a tailored mutual fund managed by VANGUARD for the Diocese of Washington and its contributing parishes. The Fund is overseen by an Endowment Fund Board, comprised of parishioners with knowledge, interest, and experience in investments, plus the Rector, Senior Warden and Treasurer, ex officio.

Both the Fund and VANGUARD are subject to specific investment guidelines/restrictions.  Further, disbursement of earnings from the Fund (if any) is limited to a given percentage of earnings and requires Vestry and the Endowment Fund Board approval. Use of Endowment Fund proceeds is restricted to plant maintenance, expansion and enrichment of the mission(s) of the church, as well as capital improvement of Church properties.