Rector Search

Christ Church is beginning the process of searching for a new Rector, following the January 2018 retirement of the Rev. John S. McDuffie. We will continue to provide updates here on the search process and how you can be involved.

The Vestry of Christ Church, Prince George's Parish, Rockville, is pleased to announce that they have selected Janice Musselman to be the Chair of the Search Committee for a new Rector.  Janice was the former Junior Warden and is Chair of the Environmental Stewardship Committee. 

It is now time to create that Search Committee.  We have heard from several of you who are interested, but we need 8 – 10 interested and committed people who can commit to about a year’s work. It’s a big undertaking, but it is perhaps the most important thing you will ever do for your church.  The process involves gathering data from the congregation about future directions, responding to questions on a national database for clergy—parish matching, interviewing candidates, and forwarding the finalists to the Vestry. 

Challenges will include weekly meetings, occasional travel, and the pressure of knowing that your fellow parishioners are depending on you.  But the big reward is that you will have the chance to  help create the future of Christ Church. 

If you are interested in participating or would like to nominate a fellow parishioner, or just have questions, please contact Janice Musselman by email ( or phone 315-265-6045.  Please provide a statement to Janice by February 15 of why you are interested and what you believe you have to contribute.  The Vestry thanks you.

What Constitutes an Effective Search Committee?

An effective Search Committee is composed of members who have the following qualities and represent the parish in areas of interest, age, gender, race/ethnicity, theology, and demographics. 

A member of the Search Committee:

  • Demonstrates spiritual depth and is committed to the parish, the Diocese and the Episcopal Church
  • Is known and respected by other congregants
  • Is able to work cooperatively, disagree construcitvely , and solve problems effectively
  • Is truthful
  • Is respectful of others
  • Is self-aware
  • Is responsible
  • Is reliable
  • Is able to maintain confidentiality
  • Is willing to make a year commitment and attend weekly meetings.

Search Committees also benefit from members who bring a variety of skills, such as data gathering, writing, interviewing, detail-orientation, big-picture orientation, and people skills.