Rector Search

Christ Church is beginning the process of searching for a new Rector, following the January 2018 retirement of the Rev. John S. McDuffie. We will continue to provide updates here on the search process.

Christ Church, Rockville
Search Committee Monthly Update - April 2018

  • The Search Committee, chaired by Janice Musselman, has begun the process that will identify rector candidates and narrow prospects down to a select few, from which the Vestry will make the final selection.
  • Separately, the Vestry will soon select an interim rector who will serve until a permanent replacement is chosen.
  • The Search Committee has met four times so far. Cannon Paula Clark from the Diocese opened the Search Committee’s first meeting by laying down core principles to which the committee must adhere (such as the need for strict confidentiality), as well as important inspirations its members should keep in mind (such as walking a prayerful path through this typically long and arduous process).
Ongoing Communication
  • While the committee’s deliberations and candidate outreach remain confidential, the overall search process must be transparent.
  • A page has been added to Christ Church’s website, thanks to Webmaster Jeremy Snider, containing details about the Search Committee (see “Rector Search” page under “About CEC”).
  • Also, the committee has established and organized internal working groups and developed its communication process, responsibilities and conduits to provide for a flow of information to keep the congregation abreast of progress. Toward that end, monthly updates will be disseminated, typically during the first week of every month moving forward. Parishioners are encouraged to check the bulletin, Angelus, and website for these updates at that time.
Narrative Statement for Diocesan Search Platform
  • The Diocese maintains an online platform visited by clergy nationwide seeking positions in this region. To aid prospective candidates in learning about churches searching for a new rector, the Diocese posts on that platform an in-depth “narrative” summary from each such church. That narrative summary is prepared by each church’s search committee, based on a lengthy list of questions from the Diocese.
  • The Christ Church Search Committee has completed that narrative summary for submission to the Diocese. The document will be disseminated to the parish for informational purposes via the weekly email from the church office this Friday; a copy will also be posted in the near future on Christ Church’s website (in the “Important Documents” section on the “Rector Search” page under “About CEC”).
Focus Groups Planned
  • In order to attract a qualified and well-suited rector, the congregation is called to look in the mirror, so to speak, and make an honest self-assessment of who we are as a parish, led by faith and informed by the Holy Spirit.
  • Accordingly, the Search Committee will conduct a series of eight focus group discussions to gather broad input. Focus groups will begin later this month and run into May. The schedule will be distributed shortly.

Barbara Fennelly
Mark Wright
Search Committee Members

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