Rector Search

Christ Church is beginning the process of searching for a new Rector, following the January 2018 retirement of the Rev. John S. McDuffie. We will continue to provide updates here on the search process.

Latest Updates

A proposed parish prayer as we search for a new Rector
Adapted from St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church, Keller TX

Almighty God, you know the needs of your Church in every place.
Look graciously upon our parish family at Christ Church;
Help us remember our mission to serve you by what we do for others in this complex world and through the inspiring education Christ Episcopal School offers our children;
Grant us the insight and guidance your Holy Spirit provides as we search for our new Rector;
May we be living examples of your love for us throughout this journey;
Lead us towards becoming one heart and mind as we search for a faithful priest who will bring inspiring vision;
Remind us that we are stewards for our church family now and in the future;
Give us confidence to trust your wisdom and timing, remembering what we seek is grounded in your Providence;
May we find continued strength in the mission of our Savior Jesus Christ…to become the heart, hands and feet to our neighbors no matter where they are on their journey of faith;
Bless us with mutual trust, respect for each other, patience and foresight as you shepherd our community through challenges and decisions we make;
Grant us inspiration and humility as each of us weighs what is most important through heartfelt self-reflection;
All this we ask in the glory of your name as we continue to walk in the pathways that you have set for us.

Monthly Updates

Search Committee Monthly Update - June 2018

Thank You!

Thanks to all of the approximately 170 people who either participated in one of the nine focus groups or submitted written responses to the four questions that were posed to parishioners. Those questions asked everyone to identify what they seek in a rector, what they see as Christ Church’s strengths and challenges, and what dreams they have for the church. Broad input was received, which generated voluminous notes.

What to Expect Next

The comment process is now closed. The Search Committee will present a report that summarizes and synthesizes all the feedback by mid-June.

Historical Perspective

If you have been through a rector search at another church, or the one held here 19+ years ago that resulted in Fr. John’s call as rector, you may note some differences between that experience and the current process being followed under the supervision of the Diocese. Canon Paula Clark articulated this contrast during her adult forum presentation at the beginning of our search process, explaining that our Diocese uses a narrative format instead of a traditional parish profile compilation.

Clarifying Roles

Some of the issues raised during the focus group/comment period fall outside the scope of the Search Committee (e.g., issues regarding the school, stewardship, and the capital campaign). Those kinds of issues are in the Vestry’s domain and have been forwarded to them. Also, the Diocese does not permit direct contact with or input from staff members regarding the search and screening process.

What Prospective Applicants Receive

In addition to the Q&A narrative from the Diocese which the Search Committee already submitted, prospective rector candidates will receive a copy of Christ Church’s latest annual report and have full access to the Christ Church website. Candidates also have access through the Diocese to financial information about Christ Church. The committee will hold interviewees accountable for being familiar with the specifics of these materials.

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