CEC Testimonials

September 2020


Read the following testimonials about Christ Episcopal Church from some of our parishioners.

“My family has benefited in so many ways through our affiliation with Christ Episcopal Church.  Not only has it offered a chance for us to serve others but we have been nurtured, too, by the caring and love that we have received from so many thoughtful members of our Parish family.” ~ Wayne C

“Our participation at Christ Church has given us a deeper sense of belonging in the community, and sustained our sense of hope during the past 15 years, and especially during the pandemic. The friendships and spiritual growth we've experienced through participating in life within the church - have been priceless.”  ~ Delia McC.

“While Christ Church has always been a source of solace and strength for me, during these past months with no pastoral leadership, the courage and commitment of our lay leaders and committee heads to keep our church viable and strong have been an inspiration. I look forward to the leadership of Carol and Meg during this next year.” ~ Nancy S.

“Its the people at Christ Church who mean so much to me.  Working in small groups we really get to know each other, each with interesting lives, all who enjoy contributing to the functioning of our beloved church.”   ~ Anna Von Arx

“Christ Church has been my rock and extended family since 2004.  I have been loved, nurtured and cared about by my family of believers. These last couple of years, I have been grateful for the leadership of many.  With the help of our new clergy, Carol and Meg, I am confident that we will rise from our current challenges, stronger and more caring than ever, and continue to be a blessing.”   ~ Nancy L

“We moved from another parish to Christ Church originally because of Christ Episcopal School, which continues to be a primary reason for our membership in the parish. Both of our children and our grandchildren have attended CES. The school is a loving and sacrificial community that has embraced diversity because parents are willing to share their resources for other kids. The social justice ministries of the parish, which have a long and deep history, will continue to grow.” ~ Bill and Madeleine T

Christ Church became my spiritual home over 30 years ago, but I only realized it also became my spiritual family when my husband died.  People reached out and wrapped me in love, and I still see that same caring spirit in the parishioners with whom I worship and interact 20 years later.” ~ Christie C

“Being apart during the pandemic has reminded me of the importance of our church family and the bonds we share. I am grateful to our dedicated lay leaders, volunteers and staff, who have worked so hard to sustain our faith community through this challenging year. Worshipping together again outdoors has been particularly poignant and meaningful to me, and I deeply appreciate all of the hands who have played a role in creating these beautiful services.”  ~ Audra S.

”Christ Church has been a great blessing to our family. We've enjoyed the vibrant children's ministry and engaging adult education programs. This is a welcoming and dynamic community in which to journey toward God." ~ Victor B.

“During my time at Christ Church, I have made many good friends. They have been invaluable not only during good times, but also during the times that have been challenging for me and my family. They're an important part of my life." ~ George O.

I love that Christ Church give me opportunities for sustained commitments and also for once and done” kinds of things such as participating in Rise Against Hunger or occasionally volunteering for Loaves and Fishes or even just for bringing in a can of beans for Manna with the confidence that it will end up with someone who really needs it.  So many ways to do what love requires.” Linda R

“Serving on the altar guild nurtures and feeds my soul spiritually.”  ~ Bola A

“Throughout my life I have invariably found that good people come and go, Rectors come and go but "the way” and "the life" is everlasting.  This is why Karen and I have been parishioners here at CEC for over a decade  and why we look forward to the Ministries of Pastors Meg and Carol.”  ~ ~ ~ Henry M

“Church sustains our souls and spirits in this topsy turvy world.  We have fellow travelers that we know and love and meet with on a regular basis – but are now physically separated because of a pandemic.  That is painful.  But our souls and love for one another are still connected, and we need to maintain that connection.  We must continue to provide support to our church.  Someday we will all be back together and we need to have a place to come back to.” ~ Karen N.

“It takes a village to raise a child. Michele Craig and Bob James have been two of the most influential adults in my son's growth over the years. It is wonderful to have such amazing people at CEC.” ~ Laura C

"We walked through the doors of Christ Episcopal just two years ago and felt at home in the parish on arrival." ~ Martha S.

“Christ Church is a place of community, family, and peace for me - allowing me to explore my faith amidst both challenges and joys.” ~Melissa Oprysko

"Christ Episcopal is a wonderful community church with many vibrant ministries.  Our family has attended for 10+ years.  We were likely the first (open) same-sex couple to attend the church, and were accepted from day 1."  ~Meghan M. 

"Christ Episcopal is the church we call 'home'. It allowed us to start an animal welfare ministry that has brought so much joy to our family and to others.  We feel like we are making a difference in the community." ~Lori N.